SeedTree made maths real easy.

Understand Formulas

SeedTree explains the concepts thoroughly. The worst way of maths learning is memorising formulas without understading them. Learn principles of maths and how to derive formulas.

Weekly Updates

As we get feedback on video lessons and our study materials, we update our content at leaat once in a week.

Online Learning Platform

Most online maths learning platform does not support advanced maths topics well. SeedTree content covers maths HSC courses including 2 unit advanced maths and extension 1 courses.

why choose us

Made from students' perspective

Made from students' perspective

Maths is hard because it is cumulative in nature. We connected all related concepts each other. Students can revise prerequsites before students study more advanced topics.

Ultra Convenient

Ultra Convenient

Students can go back and revise prerequsites with a single click.

Reasonable and Affordable Price

Pay less, Get Better service

Private tutoring is expensive. Traditional group lessons can not provide personalised learning. SeedTree has massive amount of content including video lessons and auto-marking practice system. Pay less, get better service.

Free Support & Updates

Free Support & Updates

SeedTree releases the updates time to time. Leave comments on instructional videos. We listen students' voice and we update our website at least once a week.